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 Ottawa Chevrolet Preferred Owner Program

As a way to thank our valued customers, we are offering our Ottawa Chevrolet Preferred Owner Program at no cost to you. When you sign up, you’ll start accumulating points that are good towards accessories, and your vehicle’s future service, and parts visits here.* 

Just for signing up, you’ll receive $10 in points for service work and you may earn $200 in sales points when you purchase a vehicle at Ottawa Chevrolet towards a future vehicle purchase.**

It’s easy to use – just swipe your card at the cashier’s desk and we take care of the rest!

When you ask for and/or accept your Preferred Owner card, you are agreeing to these terms. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, please contact us before getting your Ottawa Chevrolet Preferred Owner card. Thank you!

*Though we do service most makes and models, Ottawa Chevrolet reserves the right to exclude certain vehicles from this service work. Please contact us if you have questions about your vehicle.

**Beginning January 6, 2010, if you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from us, we will add $200 to the available sales points on your card. This amount may be used on your future purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned vehicle from Ottawa Chevrolet. However, purchasers/lessees using a GM employee related discount (GMS, GM Supplier, GM Dealer) are not eligible to use the $200 in sales points towards future purchases. General Motors prohibits additional dealer discounts on these transactions.

Ottawa Chevrolet Points Plus Program

Get ready to shop online at over 300 retail outlet sites! It’s easy for you to earn bonus points that can be used at Ottawa Chevrolet for future service and maintenance.

Just remember, you must go to the retail shopping sites through the "Click Here for Bonus Points and Discounts" button (beneath your Sales and Service Balances) or by clicking "Earn Bonus Points" after logging into your account on the Ottawa Chevrolet Preferred Owner web site. If you do not, you will not earn points.

Have questions about the Points Plus Program and how it works? See below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers.

Ottawa Chevrolet Points Plus Program - FAQ

  • What is the Points Plus program and what does it offer me?

The Points Plus program is a free program offering a variety of ways you can save money when you shop with the Points Plus program – you receive online coupon savings or Preferred Owner Service points to use at Ottawa Chevrolet when you shop through the program web site portal.

  • How does it work?

In order to save money through the program simply shop online with the links provided. Don’t forget you can earn Preferred Owner Service points, too! Every time you shop at a Preferred Owner Points Plus retailer through the program web site, you earn Preferred Owner Service points, which will be added to your Preferred Owner Service Point balance. Points earned may be redeemed the same way as your Preferred Owner Service Points. Points will not be awarded for taxes or shipping. Please refer to Ottawa Chevrolet's Preferred Owner terms and conditions (jump link to bottom of this page) for details.

  • Who is eligible for the Points Plus program?

 This program is open and offered only to Preferred Owner members who are legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

  • Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

 Please remember that the Points Plus program is free to participate in, so why not earn points toward future service visits? There is no action required if you wish to discontinue earning Preferred Owner Points. If you wish to cancel your membership in the Preferred Owner Program, please contact Ottawa Chevrolet.

  • What is the cost to participate?

 Not a thing! There is no membership fee for the Points Plus program.

  • How long does it take to see the Points Plus rewards that I’ve earned?

If you do not see your point rewards posted within approximately 30 days after your order is shipped, please contact us. Note: Your Points Plus points for Travel purchases will post approximately 30 days after your travel date.

  • How do I receive my Points Plus rewards?

Points Plus rewards are automatically added to your Preferred Owner Service Points balance. To view your accumulated points rewards go to our program’s website, login, and click on “Transaction History.”

  • Where can I see the Points Plus points I have already redeemed?

To view your total point rewards already earned, visit our program web site, click on “Transaction History” and scroll down to the “Service History” section. You will be able to view the total point rewards earned as well as a summary of each reward point processed.

  • What happens if I return my purchase, do I keep the reward points?

Any returns or credits related to your purchases at a Participating Retailer will be deducted from your spending at such Participating Retailer for points accumulation purposes, or will result in a deduction of Preferred Owner Points Plus rewards already accumulated.

  • Do my Points Plus points expire?

Yes, Your Points Plus points expire 2 (two) years from the transaction date.